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Swedish Coeliac Youth Society (SCUF)

Swedish Coeliac Youth Society, SCUF makes it easier for children and young people with coeliac disease. SCUF has 2000 members in ages between 0-29 years old.


Together we improve the accessibility in schools and make it easier to shop gluten-free, dine out and travel. Each year SCUF examines what young consumers and their families think about gluten-free products and safety when eating gluten-free.


Members can get to know others with coeliac disease at fun activities arranged by SCUF. When meeting others that share our experiences we often feel less alone and learn from each other. The summer camp is SCUF:s largest activity where 60 participants between 7-17 have fun without worry of getting sick or feeling left out.


Please contact us for information about out current activities and projects.
+46 8 562 78 807
Svenska Celiakiungdomsförbundet
Norr Mälarstrand 24
112 20 Stockholm